About us

Showcase your dreams!

Our Mission To create a safe space for people to showcase their success journey, build connections and work towards achieving their dreams.
Our Vision Our vision is to connect the world’s dreamers and inspire them to grow and succeed.
Our Philosophy No dream is too crazy or impossible to achieve.

Our Founder

Duku Forè GAICD

Living in Australia, Duku once had a spontaneous dream of eating an American sandwich which cost $9. He decided to record and showcase his journey which led him to Hong Kong and then Thailand before he made it to New York. He then decided to go to the sandwich place to achieve his dream! Once he got to it, he found out it was closed! But Duku was in New York not just to eat the sandwich anymore, but to represent Australia at the United Nations Headquarters! Showcasing his journey inspired thousands of people to go after their dreams. Duku’s personal experience inspired him to create a safe platform for people to showcase their success journey, build connections and work towards achieving their dreams.

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Core Values:


We take care of your safety and protect you from harm so you can have the peace of mind to showcase your success journey.


We work hard to ensure you are confident and can rely on our service.


By leveling the playing field, no dream will be too big for dreamers from every background.


We pride ourselves on making our dreamers feel comfortable in being themselves and expressing all aspects of their identities.


Rich Dreams believes that our corporate excellence resulting in sustained profitability and enhanced shareholder value is directly linked to a strong corporate governance. It is therefore, the role and responsibility of our directors to ensure that our corporate governance standard is maintained to ensure the success of the organisation in the environment in which it operates. Rich Dreams has in place corporate governance policies and procedures to ensure the organisation follows and surpass the relevant laws. Furthermore, Rich Dreams monitors new coming into effect regulations and ensures that its policies and practices are adapted accordingly while keeping in mind the environment the organisation operates in.