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Signing in to Rich Dreams on the web

You can access your Rich Dreams account by signing into our website at richdreams.co/login or on either our Android/iOS app. Once you are signed in, you can tailor your profile, showcase your journey, build connections, and access proven tools to make your dreams come true.

If you are using a Bespoke Rich Dreams platform, you can sign in by using the vanity URL of your organization either on the web or our apps (Continue with SSO).


Updating your profile

You can update your profile to represent you better by uploading pictures, telling more about yourself and what you are working towards and more. Simply sign in and click on your blank profile picture to start.

Taking the first step to showcase your journey

You can take the first step to showcase your journey in many shape or form, including, through uploading a photo, writing a post, posting a video and more. Simply in the home page of your account, click on the space which says, ‘What’s your dream?’. You will also be able to find this in your profile.

Connecting with others

You can connect with others by browsing the ‘Dreamers’ tab and finding other dreamers. Once you do, you can decide to follow them. You may also be followed by others are interested in connecting with you. Be sure to continually showcase your journey to create engagement with others.