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Moderator Capabilities

The following security capabilities are available to the account moderator of your Rich Dreams platform

Users page: Moderators can check out all the signed-up users of the site on this page. Moderators can delete, approve, enable/disable their accounts whenever required.

Member Profile Page: From the Member Profile Page, Moderators can delete, approve, enable/disable any specific user. This section will be accessible to moderators only.

Members Information Display: On the Users Page, for each user various details will get displayed such as username, displayed name, email, sign up IP, login IP, signup date, and number of personal messages.

Member Search: Advanced member search widget helps moderators to filter Members by entering the different searching criteria such as Signup Date (To & From), Creation IP, Last login IP etc.

Moderator Notes & Messages: Moderators can send messages to specific users whenever required

from the Users Page. Also, they can add notes for the members by clicking on the “Add Notes” link. These notes can be edited/deleted whenever required.

Login as Member: For checking the messages sent by the user, Moderators can log in to any of the accounts as users from the Users Page. This setting can be enabled/disabled.

Users Page: This page will display all the new users signed up on your website. This page helps moderators to do various actions on members such as approve, disapprove, enable/disable their accounts, etc.

Reports Page: This page will display all the accounts which are reported by the other site members on your website. Moderators can take any appropriate action on these reports & can dismiss them as well if required.

Logs Page: This page will display all the logs generated by the moderators or super admins at the time of approving / disapproving / deleting any member on the website. It will help to track every activity more precisely

Messages Activity Page: Messages Activity Page will help moderators to monitor messaging activity done by each member on your website separately. This page will help moderators to check all the messages sent by the members on your website.

Enable Emails on new Signup: This plugin allows moderators to get emails whenever new members signed up on your website. This setting can be enabled/disabled from the global settings of this plugin.

Labels for Approve / Disapprove: Whenever any member gets approved/disapproved by the moderator, then the label for the same will get displayed on the user's page.