Rich Dreams For Healthcare

Rich Dreams for healthcare helps provide a safe and secure platform for your patients to showcase their recovery journey, build connection with other patients, and work towards getting to their best health.

build community

Craft a new strategy for your healthcare by building a safe and secure digital community for your recovering patients to showcase their success journey. The solution we provide will help your healthcare to bring peace of mind to your patients.


Through our platform, your nurses can keep your patients accountable to their recovery journey and keep track of their progress. Your patients will also be able to engage and keep themselves accountable by building their connection with the other patients at your practice.


Maximise the utilisation of the resources currently in the disposal of your healthcare and patients to expand your capabilities and offerings for them to showcase their recovery as they work towards getting to their best health.


Tell a data-driven story of the recovery journey of your patients during their time under your care. This will help your practice to visualise the patient engagement data with configurable reports and demographics. Further, the data will help for patient support and measuring the operational metrics and KPIs of your practice.